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About us

AirCell was created in 2015 as part of the recovery efforts for the city of Fairdale, IL after a tornado left the town without telephone and Internet services. AirCell was approached by the DeKalb Long Term Recovery Corporation to bring vital communication services back to residents. By leveraging access to an extensive Fiber Optic network, AirCell was able to provide the residents of Fairdale with best in class Internet and telephone service at a price point that could not be beat by any other providers in the area.

The service was so popular that AirCell decided that the coverage area should be expanded so that more communities could benefit from the service.

Unlike other Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), AirCell feeds the majority of its wireless infrastructure directly with Fiber Optic Internet connections. This allows AirCell to provide its customers with all the benefits of Fiber Internet at the lowest cost possible. Check out the AirCell Difference page for more information on how AirCell provides the best connections at the lowest price.

The AirCell Difference

A Better WISP

Traditional Wireless Internet Service Provider’s (WISPs) use a network of towers connected to each other to deliver Internet services to their customers. Often these networks stretch over vast distances with many towers, sometimes called hops, between the customer and the final destination to the Internet. This can cause issues like congestion and dropped connections because high usage or a problem with one tower cascades down the line to customers whose local service point is somehow connected to the impacted tower. Imagine a big game of telephone with your Internet.

AirCell overcomes this problem by connecting all our towers* to Fiber Optic Internet connections. Fiber Optics are the fastest, most reliable, Internet connections today. By fiber-feeding our towers we can provide the benefits of Fiber (High Bandwidth, Low Latency, Exceptional Reliability) at a fraction of the cost of traditional Fiber connections.

*Wireless Towers on the outer edge of the service areas, may be connected to other Wireless Towers with a maximum of 2 hops.

Symmetrical Connections

Most Internet services marketed today are called Asymmetrical. This means that the rate that you can download or stream from the Internet is different from what you can upload or put on to the Internet. In many cases upload speeds are only a quarter or a tenth of the download stream. Years ago, this was not much of a problem, but in today’s Internet environment, uploading is more important than ever. Services like Skype, Facetime, Facebook Live, VoIP, and Cloud Storage all require good upload speed to work properly.

AirCell provides all its customers with Symmetrical connections, meaning you can upload just as fast as you download. Now you can get all your content online in a flash!

No Throttling or Data Caps

One of the worst parts of today’s Internet landscape is the dreaded data cap. A data cap is an arbitrary figure imposed by Internet Service Providers to charge their customers more for their Internet connections. Use more Internet that we think you should? No problem! That’ll just be another $10 for another Gig of Internet (which won’t take you far these days). At AirCell we don’t utilize data caps, you pay for your connection, use it to your heart’s content. And AirCell doesn’t throttle or slowdown heavy users. So stream that 4k movie, play that game, put your videos on the cloud, at AirCell we have got you covered.

Residential and Business packages are available

AirCell Internet Service is fast, reliable, and budget friendly. There are no data caps or limits so you can stream all the content you want without worry.


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