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AirCell by Syndeo was created in 2015 as part of the recovery efforts for the city of Fairdale, IL after a tornado left the town without telephone and Internet services. Syndeo was approached by the DeKalb Long Term Recovery Corporation to bring vital communication services back to residents. By leveraging their extensive Fiber Optic network, Syndeo was able to provide the residents of Fairdale with best in class Internet and telephone service at a price point that could not be beat by any other providers in the area.

The service was so popular that Syndeo decided that the coverage area should be expanded so that more underserved communities could benefit from the service. AirCell was created to expand these services to communities all over the Northern Illinois area and beyond.

Unlike other Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), AirCell feeds its entire wireless infrastructure directly with Fiber Optic Internet connections.* This allows AirCell to provide its customers with all the benefits of Fiber Internet at the lowest cost possible. Check out the AirCell Difference page for more information on how AirCell provides the best connections at the lowest price.